Nature itself is a theme park. 
Let's go on a trip with your children!

There is a lot of nature in Chiba prefecture. When you want to go somewhere, as this book's title shows it is hard to decide where to go, either to the seaside or to the mountain because both are located not so far.
You can learn a lot from the unique landform and the historical heritage.
You'll never know how much you can learn until you jump in. 
It is also easy to take a day trip. Even though how busy you are, even if you are a single mother or a parent with regular jobs, a day trip makes your work easy. In addition, each destination is not so far from a station.
Children are brought up in various circumstances but every child must have an opportunity to notice and learn wonder of nature by contacting with it.
There are so many opportunities for children to learn something.
Those grownups who have been active in many fields might have gotten some inspiration from nature.
I hope every parent reads this book "UMI iko YAMA iko" and gets some little information about our local area.
I also want you to talk about what you get with your children during some hiking. Letユs see how they get interested. When they want to look up something in a library or a museum, they'll know the joy and fun at learning. I would like you to go hiking and to have Bento-box lunch with your children. Please deepen the ties of your family.

Let's take a hike in Chiba with your family.
Hiking guide book with English translation
UMI iko YAMA iko  Mt.Nokogiri
What kind of mountain is Mt. Nokogiri?
Outfit for hiking
Let's follow manners
What you must be careful
Let's go!
  Climb Mt. Nokogiri by ropeway
  Climb Mt. Nokogiri on foot   Kangetsu-dai course
  Climb Mt. Nokogiri on foot   Shariki-michi course
  Descent course
  Kanaya round cource   Through Nihon-ji temple
  Mt. Nokogiri Trial course
  The plants growing in Mt.Nokogiri
  Can you notice?
Welcome to the natural theme park
  History and constitution of Mt.Nokogiri
  Fossil ー Mt. Nokogiri was the bottom of the sea 6.3 million years ago?!
  Natural treasure Hikarimo
  Nihon-ji Temple ー The biggest DAIBUTSU in Japan
  Quarry ー The Boshu Stone   Shokunin & Waza
  Excellent Ropeway
  Stone and Art Town Kanaya
  ー From the opposite bank Yokosuka Museum of Art
Traffic guidance and Information